This interview is done by Jason sole when he films Judy Sole who has collected a lot of footage from the Cop23 event where there was an immense level of information. There was a plethora of discussions and interesting things that happened at the Cop23 event most of which were caught on camera by Judy herself.

Cop23 for a start is very hard to get into, now if you are not a press member, NGO, governor or delegate then you will find it very hard to get entrance to the event. Regardless Judy Sole managed to gain entrance and film a lot of footage for you all to watch on the mother channel.

Impact is a key word that Judy mentions ultimately. We must have an impact on the viewing world population because and they must take action. That is ultimately what the Cop23 event is about along with important law changes and agreements that get signed. Judy tells us that 2 out of every 3 breathes we take come from the phytoplankton from the sea which are themselves under immense pressure from the heating up.

The footage from Cop23 is being edited and uploaded as fast as possible for all the viewers but you must be patient for all to be finished but we are working through the night.

The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere right now is enough to take us to well over 3degrees centigrade and that is regardless of whether we use more co2 right now or not. One of the key producers of methane in the atmosphere if from beef cattle and that was a key element in the Cop23.

On a positive note, according to Judy, there are lots more intelligent science coming out into the world and the facts are being disseminated quicker than ever. Judy tells us that Indian scientists found out that ruminant cattle could be reduced then within 3 months we could experience global cooling. So for beef eaters its bad news but for beautiful mother earth it certainly is not.

Let’s hope the microbe content of the soil increases and we reduce cattle as mentioned and ultimately we want to get to a point where we won’t need a Cop23 event because everything that needs to be done can be done.

By Alex Mitchison

Links: https://www.carbonbrief.org/cop23-key-outcomes-agreed-un-climate-talks-bonn

https://cop23.com.fj/ , https://www.co2.earth/



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