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Microbes with Akim Riemer – Part 1

My name is Akim Riemer, I’m the General from the Green Gorilla’s and I classify myself as a soil nerd. I get very excited about soil and my focus is on producing a soil that I would regard as a forest floor soil, which means that you would have everything that you would find on a forest floor, and i want to take this energy and grow medicine and food with it, and I want to do this in an urban environment which I am doing right, and in an urban environment I’m creating forest floor soil through the alchemy of understanding of microbes because it can only be formed as alchemy. This is where it is going to begin, and where I am now is what is called the green cube and this is where the soil that we have produced is ending and I would like to take you on a journey, and this journey is the language of soil and I am as dyslexic as a post box, so it’s my dyslexic linguistic interpretation of soil if that will make any sense. Over here we have a biota culture. It is a shotgun method of culturing microbes and the microbes that are from this farm and we have looked at a carbon-nitrogen ratio. We have air rated it so we have activated the culture, and it cannot be compared to a compost tea – a compost tea would be a leech. This is something that we are activating and we are using shotgun methods. A lot of the methods that we focus on, here we have a fish tank heater, and a little fish tank pump, things that you can purchase for a few rands, and using carbon, which we are using molasses, with a very low or no sulfur content in it…

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