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JOHN D LIU – Questions to the Panel

We have some smushed questions. Question: “If you could give us one practical tip that would help us to make a difference, what would it be? Angus McIntosh: I alluded to it earlier. You vote with your fork. The fork is the most powerful thing that we have, so you ...

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JOHN D LIU – Panel Presentations Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of the program. I am shifting my role to be a moderator and we have a panel. Mark Swilling: Thank you, John, for the multiple stories of the movement for regeneration. I’m a professor at Stellenbosch University and head up the center for complex ...

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3 Years ago, the project manager of doubling the size of the Suez Canal was asked by an Egyptian General. The general said, “Everyone wants to work in the Nile Valley, it’s all they can imagine because that’s where the water is. Nobody wants to do anything else. All the ...

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