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The largest desert in the world is here in Africa. When it loses its flora and fauna, which happens every 14 000 Years. When it goes to dessert it takes Saudi Arabia with it. When Saudi Arabia goes so does a third of Siberia because it relies on Saudi Arabia. That’s one-third of the planet’s surface area in desert, and notice that it is all in the northern hemisphere, because the equator is running round about here. The northern hemisphere is where the carbon cycle is broken. When North Africa goes green, the entire planet corrects it’s carbon and water cycle. This whole story of CO2 is BS. CO2 is literally the currency of life on the planet. Every cell on this planet only runs off carbon, and that is derived from C02. It is literally the databank of life on the planet and we have demonised it and we have created a 40 Trillion Dollar abstract economy around carbon credits and exchanges because it has been demonised. We are now paying engineering companies Trillions of Dollars, Billions of Dollars so far to pump CO2 back deep into the earth where is cannot be breathed by the trees and planets… 

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