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The SONA State of the Nation Address is to be given that night. These young people – Part of The Extinction Rebellion are protesting.

We are here today to protest against our government not telling us the truth about the dangers and threats that climate change is bringing to our planet. We are also here because of the waste we are using. If we don’t stop now it will destroy our planet very soon. We have 12 years left to act now and change our ways. The IPCC report was released last year, letting us know that we have run out of time to stop fossil fuel production and reach zero emissions and negative emissions. Unless our government stops now, unless they withdraw from fossil fuels, unless they stop digging in the ground for coal and other forms of fossil fuel resources we will be extinct. We will not have the earth. There will not be anything to fight for. Whether it is anti-racism, whether it’s feminism, whether it’s war, it will all not matter unless we change climate change now.

We are here to protect the planet from being completely destroyed and all the life on it for corporate greed. And we are here also to observe the state capture. Many people have different ideas about who has captured the state. We feel eco-criminals have captured the state, and mining corporations and fossil fuel industry and big agribusiness, a very fossil fuel intensive industry and we feel that these are the people that have captured our state. They may be the same people, that other people are pointing fingers at for other reasons. That’s what we are really here for. We are here to speak to our fellow South African’s about the ecological crisis. Literally all of the ecosystems are maxed out…

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