This is a look at the Accelerator, a people-centred project designed to bring together dedicated Women entrepreneurs who have worked in their own indigenous, less-advantaged  & less- organised communities.   Working hard, usually in isolation, these dedicated women emerge with a practical hard-earned real-life education to lead & support their villages… The Accelorator brings together these entrepreneurial women in a spirit of collaboration,  to share this hard-won knowledge & their skills towards achieving sustainability and, in many cases, profit.

The main focus is on getting access to safe, reliable and clean energy solutions to their communities, and bringing women to the forefront of this exercise.   In so doing it recognises the wealth of practical understanding these people have in dealing with their own local issues and desperate problems.  Such contact examines their unique accumulated talents,  such as recognising the power of breaking painful cycles,  the understanding of the need for trust,  the importance of changing mindsets and consequently behaviour.

These are some of the assets that the Accelerator has discovered to have had leverage and transforming results. This sharing of experiences facilitates transformation on a step by step basis, in line with sustainable environmental goals and encourages the elimination bad practices – such as the burning of plastics for cooking fuel, etc. to achieve an educated and clean community, and advancing gender equality, social inclusion, and Women’s empowerment in pursuit of sustainable energy.

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