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Why South Africa is a Climate Change Criminal (Part 2/3)

In our previous episode, we looked at how badly climate change is affecting South Africa. What is the single cause of all of this climate change breakdown? You guessed it, the F word – Fossil Fuels. A world where there are other causes of climate change, like burning down the ...

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Climate Change in South Africa: How Bad Can It Be? (Part 1/3)

Let’s face it Mzanzi, Climate Change is something we have been blue ticking for far too long. But you can’t ignore messages from mom forever, and by mom, I mean Mother Earth. With extreme weather events coming at us faster than the Public Protester loses court cases, and this past ...

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Microbes with Akim Riemer – Part 2

Here we have Boschveld Hens. They run completely on a vegetarian diet which in one sense is quite interesting because they are not vegetarian, they are omnivores, they do need protein. For those who know a little bit about hens, you will be able to judge quite quickly whether they ...

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