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Bernard Liedemann – DAFF – SA

This video from the fish crime series at the symposium in Cape Town and sees a panel discussion again on fish crime. The speaker Bernard Liedemann (the directorate, monitoring & surveillance from DAFF – SA) talk to us about a multi approach on the high seas.


Mr Bernard Liedmann thinks if we can agree with a signatory / cooperating member then we need to explore the opportunity of having a physical multinational body that enforces fishery crime. He uses the real life example of his daughter as someone stole a component from her car and there was nobody to go to help her. He talks about the daily successes but also how the bad stories always loom over an issue that is indeed improving.

The Vision, Mission & Value of DAFF:


United and transformed agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector that ensures food security for all and economic prosperity.



Advancing food security and transformation of the sector through innovative, inclusive and sustainable policies, legislation and programmes.



Drive: driven to deliver excellent service through leadership and professionalism

Attitude: being an ambitious, passionate, reliable and dedicated workforce

Fairness: acting with objectivity, empathy, integrity and transparency

Focus: focusing on people, economic and rural development



Links: http://www.daff.gov.za/ ,


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