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Roger Godwin Talks Agriculture in South Africa

This video is very informative and interesting. Mr Roger Godwin, a project and environmental researcher has an endlessly interesting pool of knowledge stored in his cranium.


Mr Godwin talks to us initially about the rights farmers used to have to their mineral rights. Where agriculture used to be fairly straight forward for farmers, it is now very complex and as Mr Godwin has told us, it is more of a case of ownership instead of custodianship. Mr Godwin tells us about how as time has gone by, the issue of land restitution has caused massive issues for farmers.


Mr Godwin tells us about how farmers now have to go through extra rules and regulations and their jobs have become more litigious and un-necessarily complicated. The farms he tells us on the maize belt have been prone to long rain and had less profit but also that farm’s on the borders are really struggling to survive. The maize farmers now have to apply to provincial level to change his farming method from say maize to sheep. This is just one example of how farmer’s lives have been made more complicated and there is no solid farmers committee to help them. He notes that the government have become custodians of all the farms in South Africa where they actually have sovereignty over the farmers themselves.

This is a massive step backwards for the farmers of South Africa because as Judy mentions, the people the normal populous have elected to help and represent them are now working against the farm’s and the associations. This conflict of objectives is causing massive issues for South Africa and ultimately will slow down the economic growth of South Africa.

The intelligent spin and diversion techniques employed by the South African government simply must stop. There are blatant acts where governments are creating distractions for the populous to concentrate on while they secretly pass laws that are negative to the population and farmers. Mr Godwin tells us that we “must all watch the news with 4 pairs of eyes” to really analyse the rationale behind the news and what’s being presented along with any hidden agenda. It is essential in these turbulent times that we really critically analyse the information given to us ceased to be fooled. Mr Godwin tells us that we must only put up with the South African government in the short term but we must galvanise and unify together to make sure we are not dependant on their lies.

The general populous must disregard what’s being fed to them. There is a huge field that your average person can do research into to really dig away at the government and get to the nitty gritty facts. This is something that Mr Godwin himself does on a regular basis. Judy tells us how the government of SA wants to modify the sea and also to not use natural medicals.

Judy tells us how the current government are still seeking out nuclear energy even when the country of South Africa is abundant in natural sunlight which could easily be utilised for energy. This is ridiculous when you consider how cheap and accessible solar energy has become for everybody in most countries. Mr Godwin believes that there will be a second wave in the future of people moving away from the city out into more rural areas where they can look at life with a fresh pair of eyes. This combination of looking at life without city goggles on will help people to look at things with a new perspective. For example in London the housing crisis and situation with immigrants has really changed the demographic of the population and has made life extremely difficult for those indigenous Londoners who were born there like me. Let’s hope that populations begin to wake up and realise the way that the planet is going and start to make a change towards a positive future.

Perhaps the future will contain people that have woken up to realise what’s happening to big cities like London and others with regards to the population becoming anything but indigenous and really generally hostile places to live. Moreover it is a well-known fact that by living off the grid you can significantly reduce your own carbon footprint and really live at one with nature. The “grid” is a common name for the power grid — the linked system that delivers electricity to the masses. A typical house is connected to power, water and telephone lines. Going off the grid means shunning these public utilities in favour of creating your own energy.

Some homeowners choose to be partially off the grid by supplying their own electricity and ditching their phone line, while still relying on the convenience of city water and sewage. Society, its inventions and discoveries have proved to handicap us more into dependency rather than enlightening us to use the same genius to be independent. Living off the grid refers to living without any dependence on the government, society and its products.

Please watch this video to be awoken to the lies of the South African government and really begin your journey to independency and true happiness. Even if you take just one thing from this video please let it be that you must think about the motive behind any information that you are fed through the media and question the real motive behind things.

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