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COP 21 US Centre 2015 Paris – Question Time – Collapse of Agriculture

The University of Earth: Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: UNFCC Int, Collapse of Agriculture, Question time for Heads of State


Ecosystem management and the ecosystem adaptation, can you comment something on that, whether climate-smart is to heavy on the technology side?

What disturbs us greatly at the moment is the fact that scientifically we know that the molecule chlorophyl bleaches after 37 Degrees. Now we are heading into a world where many of our agriculture areas are going to be at forty degrees and sometimes over. This would mean that whatever we do, there will be a collapse in agricultural production. have we approached this because as a molecule there’s no way that we know at present science, that we can quit this?

We have spoken a lot about biodiversity, but we have not addressed biomass, which is a critical thing for agriculture, especially the photosynthetic component of biomass, and this then leads to my first question.


The reality is that we need a variety of approaches… There is no silver bullet or one single answer… It’s a combination… A variety of factors… It’s better forecasting, being absolutely worried about the condition of soil… Whether it’s the French effort or the US effort on soil health. It’s focused on cover crops and understanding the nutrient value of each acre of land. So it’s important to point out that we see this as a collaborative effort… As a coordinated effort and not as the sole approach or answer. There are a lot of good things about what the French are doing, and it very well compliments we are trying to do… What the Global Agricultural Alliance is attempting to do and what some of the other Internation Organisations are trying to do.


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