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Time is running out – The Arctic sea ice is going!

Interview with Professor Peter Wadhams, leading Arctic scientist and Prof. of Ocean Physics at Cambridge University, with Judy Sole of Mother Channel.

In 40 years, since 1970, of sea ice research and pole oceanography, Prof. Wadhams has observed and measured changes in arctic and antarctic ice, which have and are still adversely affecting and accelerating climate change effects worldwide, like ice thickness reduction by 50% over last 30 years, arctic summers showing increasing pack ice recession and multi-year ice layers (past 50mtrs deep x 3mtrs thick), today only first year ice layers, resulting in the volume of ice now remaining in summer arctic months (Sept), being only a quarter of the 1980’s volumes recorded.

Arctic of Future ~ seasonal ice cover with completely open water will have enormous impacts on various other aspects of global climate, *Human impact equals faster warming – accelerated arctic ice melt – global sea levels rise, *Global warming acceleration – sea ice retreats – reduced radiation reflected back into space – rate of warming will increase exponentially, *Warming of continental shelves sea ice – retreats for 4 months in summer – causing warming of water – methane release into atmosphere from underwater permafrost beds.   Conclusion: .6th of degree extra warming for planet within just few years   RISK: High Catastrophe~High Probability (>50%)

Earth’s Children only have a future if action taken now to find ways to remove CO2 out of the atmosphere and slow or stop global warming before it reaches unacceptable levels for survival on planet Earth!

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  1. Yes i agree,, time is running out?? so wish someone can step in and DO something.. and stop talking..

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