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This episode is also filmed in the Groot Constantia wine lands which is the perfect backdrop for discussions about renewable energy. But in this episode Jason gets a little deeper. He touches on the issues of attention and drama and how humans seek out drama and attention just to make their blank existence seem more colourful.

What he wants to prove by talking about this is that we as humans are innately selfish and the attention we seek out merely distracts u from the real damages that are happening to our beautiful planet on a daily basis. If our oceans cannot sustain life then that means ALL things you love about the ocean will disappear. The dolphins that people love to watch, the sharks that people go cage diving with. All of those beautiful sea creatures that exist in our lovely ocean will disappear at the flick of a switch.

We must seek to break our circular existence and search for a deeper meaning or at least do stuff that helps the planet. Life does not have to be boring it can be exciting and enriching.

Links: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/obesely-speaking/201411/excessive-attention-seeking-and-drama-addiction ,

By Alex Mitchison

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