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Spencer Cathcart: The questions we never ask

In front of you, you have more access to information than any human in history, but you probably don’t care. That curiosity you once had in the world is gone. Why is it the older that we get, the less questions we ask? Throughout history, we have always accepted the world we have been born into and if anyone tried to question the world, they were ridiculed. It’s only years later we look back and ask ourselves, how could anyone accept that world. Today we call ourselves developed as if we have nothing left to learn, but in a hundred years when people look back on our generation, will they to ask themselves, how did anyone accept that world. It’s no secret our world is full of problems. We rally, we protest, still the problems only seem to grow, and maybe, because they stem from a much larger problem we fail to see. Why do we search the universe for new life when we can’t even co-exist with the life on our own planet. It is as if we expect any life out there to be just like us, as if life can only be human. How is it, in a life with millions of species, we see ourselves as the only one who thinks, feels or matters. Its a recurring theme in our history, the belief that some life is inferior to others. We have always struggled to accept those who are unlike ourselves. To recognise them because something is different doesn’t mean it should be treated differently. When we look at other life, we say our technology makes us more advanced, yet all we see in advance is the destruction of the world surrounding us. We look around and there is little life to be seen. Most animals we know…

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