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Change Agent Interview with Jaques Damhuis Positive Cycle Permaculture

Permaculture and organic gardening expert Jacques Damhuis from Growing Healthy Farms NPC  and Positive Cycle talks about water management for optimal land use, recharging local aquifers, sustainable practices for organic food crop production and takes us around the Spiral Earthworks concept outlining the fundamental principles of this novel project.

He starts with a beautiful description of how to view a new potential permaculture sites in terms of harnessing existing water paths so as to flow inline with the nature and environment of each site. He also utilizes shapes to retain water to certain areas and improve the harmony of the area, the shapes are the gardens or food gardens and water is retained in different levels .

Quite significant is the impact that tarred surfaces of industrial/ commercial scale development has had on a city’s water resources, he is clearly a proponent of better water management an advises a slow release of water over time instead of waiting for torrential downfall before opening water reservoir sluice gates.

The Positive Cycle is not limited to plant material or permaculture / organic design. The farm has its own chicken coops and ducks for pest control. The ducks get walked through the fields and eat all the insects that would otherwise be harmful to the plants. Also of interest is the way he utilises organic principles in the creation of microclimates. This is achieved by setting your different types of plants at different levels, plants that need more water are planted in the valley whereas plants requiring less water are placed on a mound. You can see the overall shape in the design from the drone footage on the tape.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this project and the kind of work done by Jacques is that this is a feeding scheme for underprivileged, undernourished children. His work is critical in terms of assisting those who live on the breadline get some nourishment into their diets. He really deserves support, more information can be found on his website: https://growinghealthyfarms.org.za/ .

His donation page to further a cause like this can be found here: https://growinghealthyfarms.org.za/donations/ and his full contact information is below:

Jacques Damhuis – Ph: 078-732-4405 eMail:  Jacques@GrowingHealthyFarms.org.za


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