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Global Warming – Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Union Minister and Environmentalist, India:

Why is the Ganges almost over, because the glacier is melting a thousand times faster than it was predicted to melt? So it has already gone in by about 5km’s. The alps have got no snow this year. If the alps get no snow, Europe gets no water. So it’s already upon us. So when we use language like; in 2015 it’s happened – no one believes that anyone will die. With 7 million refugees from Bangladesh, how do I stop anything from happening? The quality of life is over… Now it’s just life that we are talking about. If we were to change our language and realize that we are where we are; right in the middle of it, and perhaps people might work with it worth more energy. If we stop data collection for a little bit and just get onto the action. Each country has to deal with the crisis individually; whether legislation, or force, persuasion. We have to do something and nobody is doing anything, because we all think it is still in the future.

It will take 50 years to grow trees to have an impact on climate change.

The only way to stop the methane emissions from animals is to stop eating meat immediately.

Maneka Sanjay goes into depth and answers countless questions on the immediate actions that need to be implemented to stop climate change.


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