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COP 21 – Stuart Scott – United Planet Faith and Science Initiative

The University of Earth presents the Urgent Action Series: COP21 and CMP11, Paris 2015: Stuart Scott – Director of Strategic Planning United Planet Faith and Science Initiative. Questions and Answers with our Producer Judy Sole and Stuart Scott;

Question: What are the things that you have noticed that are really areas of concern?

Answer: What everyone should be concerned about is the lot of double speak going on.

Question: What is the situation with regards to the Arctic.

Answer: Naturally processes aren’t stopped or started immediately. Once you turn them on, and it takes a lot of forcing to turn them on, and you don’t turn them off easily. The Arctic is continuing to release methane. There are some very eminent scientists, who are saying that we might have what is called a methane burp, that is a very rapid release of methane, which could come at any time. The subsea crustal area that has been capping the methane gas in, is fracturing. As you see a dry lake cracking, it is fracturing in that way, because of the temperatures that are increasing. That would basically be game over. The models don’t include the methane because it’s too new and not a well-understood phenomenon. So again, the negotiations are going on models that he considers to be deficient, and are telling policymakers what he believes are what they want to hear, that we can still do this.

Question: Is there any way that we can bypass it?

It’s not anyway, it’s every way. The problem is that we have a lot of hot air happening. If an agreement comes up and everyone agrees to it, it will not be sufficient to save us, guaranteed. The agreement will lock us int to a 3 to 4 degree hotter world. There is what is called a ratching up mechanism

Question: So would you recommend that we should, as a group of other concerned people who have no idea of who these people are who say that they represent us. Do you think we should get together, and make some plan happen without them

Answer: Yes, the only real saving I can see on the horizon is that people are taking it into their own hands. Companies that are changing their ways of operations. Mass movements that are developing. It is an all hands on deck moment in time, and what is required of us is all of the above. We need to try everything. Civil disobedience is a requirement. People really need to understand. Why don’t they understand? Because the media is what controls our understanding. And the mainstream media is owned by the commercial processes of our economy. It’s all about money and not about life

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