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Global Drought, Food Production and another heat record

Jason Sole discusses another month of temperature records set globally (see link below)  and the impacts it is beginning to have on various locations around the globe (see link below). He also discusses the report released recently regarding the stress on the agricultural industry (see link below) in providing food for a growing human population and how it is related to increasing global temperatures. Jason also talks about how commonplace drought is becoming and proposes an alternative to both climate change mitigation, water conservation, improved farming methods. We also interview Gerhard Koen who proposes the use of microbes for soil restoration and satellite monitoring. (See full interview on link below)


Link – August shatters global heat records for 16th month in a row

Link – Greenland ice loss 40 trillion pounds bigger than thought

Link – Climate change means land use will need to change to keep up with global food demand, researchers say

Link – Google Drought News – Current

Link – Full interview with Gerhard Koen


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  1. This is a good presentation, however it would appear that you are missing one very key component in your “microbe application process”…BIOCHAR !
    Biochar is a by-product of a process called “Pyrolysis” a process by which WASTE biomass is heated in the absence of oxygen to 500 to 700 degrees Celsius.
    This process creates a very pure type of carbon, which by its very nature is quite porous, it provides a perfect “home” for microbes, and provides an excellent water retention capability.
    Tests have shown crop yield increases of up to 700%! With reduced need for fertilizers and other soil enhancements.
    I recommend taking the time to research this vital soil enhancing product.
    For more information look up “Terra Preta” the Amazonian miracle!

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