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Elon Musk Take on Climate Change in 12 minutes

Elon Musk covers climate change in 12 minutes

Okay, Elon Musk stutters quite a bit, sometimes stumbling over words and funnily enough is quite difficult to listen too, yet his understanding and way that he views climate change is really quite amazing. Instead of doing the usual association to the more emotive issues of climate change, he views the fossil fuel industry as a utility value that is on its last legs. He analyses fossil fuels current defenses against climate change, the subsidies and motivations for change and places scientific concepts of temperature increases into man on the street type understanding. Was honestly really impressed and think you will be too.

I always had a bigger idea of Elon, frankly thought he would be a more eloquent speaker but I suppose once you remove the tap dance of modern days speakers (Obama, Blair, Churchill etc) and look at the content of the message you can quickly see why he is what he is. Of course, you also need to remember that albeit Elon stands here addressing climate change on the basis of his company Tesla Motors, one is also reminded of  his or his companies insatiable appetite for lithium batteries and the absolute environmental catastrophe that they represent. So ironically in some cases he is the very enemy that he seeks to defeat.

Lastly, for us normal company canon fodder type people, I would have liked to change his ending away from some political harassment regarding carbon tax or engagements with your friends to something more radical but I suppose that’s just me.

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