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EARTH’S FRONT LINE Carel Herbst on the water crisis

This discussion will feature the brilliant idea of utilising water vapour to satisfy domestic needs. Government own the right to all ground water which is an issue. However the government by law does not own the right to utilise humidity itself. There is no law written that stipulates the government has ownership of the production of water vapour. This in itself creates an opportunity for companies to produce their own water production devices.  Licenses dominate the complicated water production realm however there are loopholes and ways around it so one can produce his/her own water domestically.

Countries like the Netherlands and the UK is micro generation where people have taken charge of their own needs by producing their own water. The mismanagement of resources In Africa is a perfect example of how a resource based economy that is so fragile just simply cannot work. Families like the Guptas have eaten resources and money from countries like Africa. The shift towards a sustainable based economy, where there is a circular lifecycle to the consumption of products and the use of waste. What’s happened with the mismanagement of resources in South Africa is a perfect example of how a resource based economy doesn’t work. However South Africa can also be a sustainability paragon if it allows the people to experiment and if the government has a fundamental shift towards empowering its own companies and people instead of restricting them. In addition, as talked about in this video, South Africa can really begin to create jobs for its own people. For example the production of components used in differing water production machines could be produced in Africa instead of being imported from countries like Australia and beyond. Why not create jobs and give South Africa some much needed economic stimulation? Unemployment is a massive issue in the country and it can be addressed while embracing new technologies.


Links: https://thewaterproject.org/water-crisis/water-in-crisis-south-africa


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