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EARTH’S FRONT LINE Americans agree with a circular economy (feat. Jim Brainerd)

In this video Jim Brainerd talks about the loud minority of climate change deniers in the republican party and how they make a lot of noise however they are in actual fact a very small proportion of American politicians (although surprising that they even exist at all in 2018). In a consumer society where waste is the end result of consumption and the process is linear, are we likely to ever adopt a circular system for waste and the re-use of products? This is essential moving forwards but America must lead the way being some of the biggest consumers on the planet and producing a massive amount of the waste.

There have been small groups of American politicians and outspoken individuals that have created a lot of noise about climate change and who have actually had far too much of the limelight when considering how few of them there are.

Jim Brainerd reminds us that the majority of American politicians do in fact believe that we need a circular economy where products have a circular lifecycle and can be re-used. America is one of the world’s biggest pollutants, with a massive population and gas guzzling vehicles they have always been contributing to the co2 in the atmosphere. As Jim Brainerd insists most Americans understand that “everything must be circular” and the use of plastics should only be for permanent things and not for things that get thrown away.

Lastly, we will hear from Kandi Mossett who is an indigenous environmental network climate change network organizer and she raises awareness of how the environmental and social effects of hydraulic fracturing on tribal lands. As a native herself she has seen friends and family been removed and their own land destroyed just for money and oil. She is one of the few voices left to fight her corner and voice the issues of those who cannot make it to “the fancy pavilion”.

The question is how quickly the minds of conservatives get changed and what will we do to halt onslaught on the land of the natives for their oil. As is well known politicians and spokespersons are often forward thinking and positive about issues like climate change when they attend events like cop23 but what will ACTUALLY change as a result? Will fracturing cease completely? Let’s wait and see.

Hyperlinks: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/pg5zqg/a-guide-to-the-climate-change-deniers-in-congress


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