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EARTH’S FRONT LINE America will over power trump (feat Lionel Johnson,Louisiana)

Lionel Johnson who works on the board of MRCTI Mississippi rivers cities and town initiative will talk about the future and his own personal gut feeling towards whether consumerism will over power the desperate circumstances of the planet. Will we continue to live in a linear world where waste is ever present or will we adapt a circular approach?

Lionel believes the change will happen in America when people start to understand the economic benefit of prioritising the planet and climate change before profit itself. However in a capitalistic society which in turn increases consumption, will it really be possible to change to a circular more environment friendly economy?

We hear from an American board speaker about how there is no dollars allocated to urban communities to becomes more resilient to heat effects. This is one of the major causes of climate change in California and there is no money all allocated to the issue. Moreover the key issue is care and adaptation as stated by the speaker. Looking into more sustainable materials for construction but also to help clean up the places that we live already with things like vertical gardens and electric cars. We need more funding to urban communities like in California and which could massively improve as a state after receiving more funding. There is so much empirical evidence that proves beyond doubt that humans are speeding up climate change faster than anything else and yet a massive state larger than the entire country of England still has no money allocated towards such a subject.

As was discussed in detail in the climate change 2007 report by the IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change) there is now more evidence than ever to show how humans are speeding up climate change. With issues such as the rising sea levels and massive widespread melting of ice in the worlds key climates and “Observational evidence4 from all continents and most oceans shows that many natural systems are being affected by regional climate changes, particularly temperature increases” (IPCC report 2007) the report is damning and undeniable. More planning is needed on a local level and that’s without a doubt. States in America will not improve themselves it will involve extensive planning.


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