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COP 20 Al Gore Flawed GDP System

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - COP 20 Algore Flawed GDP

Al Gore speaks about the flawed GDP system which only measures growth and the impact on finite resources, lack of investment in education, health & family services. A Sustainability measurement system needs to be implemented in business plans & included in government policies globally.

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Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com enn15 June Jay ENN15 June Jay ENN15 June Jay

In this episode we hear the wonderful Jason Sole talk about the arctic amplification which happens in Greenland. Arctic amplification is having a dramatic, observable effect on the north. Greenland’s vast ice sheet, for example, began to experience ludicrously early melting just this year, with at least 12 percent of it ...

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Lorenzo Perissinotto in the Field

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - Lorenzo Perissinotto

Lorenzo Perissinotto, Professor of Marine Biology, Zoology and Entomology at Rhodes University, South Africa, in the field discussing species, in particular invertebrates, and their environment. The problem is that the layman generally refers to animals, meaning they are big and hairy, at least the vertebrates, and in the great scheme ...

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Steve Mecinski – Part One

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - Steve Mecinski

As it says in the title this video sees Steve Mecinski talk to us about conservation and other subjects including what he does to prevent poaching. There are a big team of poachers that make patrols around the park to check for poachers and even the use of drones to ...

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Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - 5 JUNE 2016 JAY

This week’s episode is brought to you from the Groot Constantia which is the first wind estate in South Africa. A professor in Harvard has invented what is called a bionic leaf. The leaf is able to produce liquid fuel from sunlight. This is yet another brilliant step in the ...

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