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The renewable energy revolution starts here – Free Power

Jason Sole covers the reasons why you are not getting free electricity, why the cost of solar power seems so high. The truth about how governments go about buying power and investigates why renewable energy will always be cheaper than fossil fuel powered industry. The objective is to create a free power concept where citizens enjoy the benefits of free electricity provided from the government. Links that support this article below:

Government contract costs vs actual costs:

Chile free power example:

The objective been to create an awareness about fossil fuel power vs renewable energy power and create an awareness that will bring about the liberation of the grid. #freethegrid


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  1. Kwh used in 2013 my total electric used at my residence, 6146 kWh.
    Divided by 365 equals, 16.8 kWh per day.
    Hourly usage of electricity averages to 700 watts per hour. At $1.86 per day average this comes to about 8 cents per hour.

    One square meter of the sun on the earth is about 750 watts. The best efficiency of a solar panel is about 20% after going through the controlling electronics. To provide the energy required to supply my home I would need 5 square meters of solar panels operating 24 hours a day but since the sun can only shine on an average of twelve hours I would need 10 square meter of solar panels and a means to store energy for when the sun is absent. Storing energy means converting energy and the rules of diminishing returns always apply.

    To supply 1 million homes of 1000 square feet each would require an array of solar panels of two square miles. (correction, not two square miles, it is two miles squared.) This is just for residence and with full sun less than one half of the total needed it would require at least 4 times this. Eight square miles (correction, eight miles square)and now lets factor in business and industry. It’s easy to see we would need a huge array of solar panels. This is just for St. Louis MO where I live. Wind is out of the question.

    My cost for electricity is less than 8 cents per kilo watt hour because electricity from coal and nuclear is the most efficient means of production. Going with solar and wind has been estimated an increase of six to ten times the current cost.
    The technology to convert to solar is not there and converting to solar would wreck the economy.
    The private sector has done more to reduce the need for energy than any government mandate.

  2. With the cost of Solar solutions coming down it’s definitely a viable way of saving money.

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