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Micro plastics, what are they and why are they dangerous?

Micro plastics have been destroying our oceans for a long time and this is something we are capable to voiding. There are thousands of beaded products with small micro plastics in them (tooth pastes, face washes, soaps, shower gels) and those are not able to be removed from the sewage network.

The issue with billions of micro plastic particles floating in the ocean is that small fish like plankton mistake it for food and consume them and then die. Of course the fish then get eaten by bigger fish which then die as well and the net result is the destruction of a whole underwater ecosystem. The micro plastics are also cancerous; humans are dying and getting ill because we eat fish that have been eating smaller fish that have consumed micro plastics.

There are environmentally friendly versions of our daily use products such as toothpaste and all we have to do is choose them and be conscious of them.

So next time you go to top up your toiletries, be conscious of micro plastics and simply chose the biodegradable alternative. Don’t do it for us, do it for your mother, earth.


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