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Important: Watch “Alan Savory” on “How to fight desertification and end climate change
People can have a reference to the clip that is there, but these are strategies that were developed for large extensive areas, what we call grazing lands, which are a component. It also fits into a context in a sense, of the potential for farmers to contribute substantially to a more sustainable environment and a life nurturing environment. So this was a system, like various systems, because various individuals have applied the principals that has been demonstrated to reverse desertification in areas and in fact, generate a biological wealth.
The principals are centred around what he called “Holistic Management”, where it is considering the communities, economics and the land situation as a whole and in understanding the complexity of relationships between them. It is often manifested and thought of as a system of livestock management, but it’s sequencing your management processes so that you have a much more balanced relationship with the land.
There is one very interesting element. He talked of a situation where he had a share in the herd, so the approach that Alan would recommend…

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