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Luke meets John by the river – Discusses living water

In this video we speak to John Turner again about living water and how it is full of life and as it should be. Mr Turner tells us it is not surprising that our health is declining so much when you look at the way we are living and abusing our natural resources.


It is no secret that water is running out in Cape Town and that Day Zero is all but inevitable. You just need to look at spending habits of Capetonians to see that this realisation has firmly set in. Gone are the 5 litre water containers from all major retailers. The same goes for hand sanitizers and paper plates. Good luck finding a Sputnik washing machine, Air-to-Water machine or a borehole supplier with less than a two-month waiting period. Unlike the electricity crisis a few years back, which gave city folk a routine camping experience, complete with gas cookers, candles and cooler boxes, a long-term water shortage is no laughing matter. And make no mistake, unlike the electricity crisis that saw load shedding for a few hours at a time, the water crisis is going to be more drawn out and intense. Once the taps go off it is going to be months before they come on again.



Mr Turner tells us that the wheat plants we are eating now is so far removed form the original thing that the products are hardly recognizable compared to he original variety. Mr Turner tells us that it is strange that we must buy things from the chemist when we could simply acquire them from the natural soils. He tells us about the pandemic of disease and reproductive issues that humans are faced with because of the processed foods they continue to consume. He explains how very little testing is done on the biotic component of foods yet these tests are pivotal to our understanding of the damaging effects of foods.


Mr Turner talks again about Luke’s greenhouse where he is utilizing a small portion of land and feeding 20+ people. With better land utilization there could be massive improvements of health and the well being of people. Mr Turner tells us that people living in cities are living massively stressed lives in areas that are simply bad for their health. Both in terms of water, food, pollution, unemployment and many more issues. He adds that as the cost of food escalates on a daily basis it has been more important than ever for people to learn how to produce food under extreme conditions. He talks about Cape Town massive population and how it could be the breadbasket of Africa yet it continues to import so much of its food even though miles upland there is brilliantly productive soil and land.


Moreover the usage of water I the western cape is ridiculous. There is up to 40% of water being used on townships but with no structure it merely flows without though.


Links: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/5-things-you-are-getting-wrong-about-organic-food-20141008 ,


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