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Cop 23: Nov 6 – 17

This video is from the Fiji cop 23 event and is a simple breakdown of what the event was due to contain along with the countries that were attending.

This video reminds us of the key questions and topics that are going to be asked at the event and those included:

Talking solutions to climate change, Will the leaders do what it takes to save our planet? What will happen about the polar melt down?

Oceans becoming too acidic with co2 sea life dying?

Global warming getting to a point beyond what we can live through, oceans getting to an oxygen level below what we can sustain.

We must be reminded that this is the only internet/content provider that actually covers the side events by the experts and scientists. Now this is something that is to be applauded because other media providers have in the past missed crucial events and topics. However Motherchannel can change that trend really give viewers a holistic round up of topics.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any interesting debates and topics at this cop23 event and you’d be silly to look elsewhere.

Links: http://newsroom.unfccc.int/cop-23-bonn/cop23-official-side-events-and-exhibits/ ,


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