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COP 21 – Prof. Patrick Rampal – Health Professionals and the Environment

The University of Earth: Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: Prof Patrick Rampal speaks on the lack of Environmental Education for Health Professionals

The best way to adapt behaviors is to send a clear message to the younger generations open to these issues who feel concerned, and that is why on this issue, we have offered to high school students in Monaco, elearning (MOC), an hour seminar available on the web and the webinar will be offered to all medical professionals in the principality. Looking at relationships between health professionals and global warming and I speak here is the former Dean of The School of Medicine, you find that in all schools of medicine there are two focusing factors; Number one – The health sector itself is a major polluter. It generates 5% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases, and the other contradiction is that the effects of climate change on human health are never addressed in the medical and paramedical curriculum. And medical workers, health professionals, head of hospitals, doctors and nurses should live by example and be environmentally responsible and must pass on the message. And yet they are not properly trained, and the training on health and the environment; these aspects are scattered around medical specialties, but it has not been identified as such as a subject matter per se, and therefore teachers consider this of secondary importance, and I would like to take advantage of the presence of Mrs. Nuville who is a physician herself, who is well aware of the situation to ask her to propose that the competent authorities should include in the medical and paramedical curriculum, should include therefore a sort of cross-cutting teaching on issues of health and the environment.

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