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COP 21 – Delegate Interview – Francois Heindricks – Refrigerant Association France

This video sees the man from the refrigeration association Mr Francois Heindricks and he is telling us about how the refrigeration industry is moving towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions and he reminds us that the industry only counts for 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions. However it is a standard household item and it is part of the bigger picture without a doubt and so Mr Heindricks presence is justified.

Mr Heindricks Tells us the industry is moving towards a greener operation and it fully realises it has a role to play. Mr Francois tells us that the industry can do more including preventing leakage. The air refrigeration system is closed circuit however there can be leakage and that means greenhouse gases into the environment. Moreover he adds that there are a lot of releases of greenhouse gases because of bad handling and this is something that can also be avoided. The energy efficiency of replacement refrigeration units is not as efficient as the original unit. The technology industry says that new technology’s to be added will take a minimum of 10 years and this is a long time. Mr Francois Heindricks says he is the major actor in his refrigeration industry when it comes to talking to minsters about reducing the climate impact of the refrigeration units. He is a key player in representation and will continue to be and we support him in this role.

Best of luck to Mr Francois Heindricks and you have the full support of the Motherchannel team.


Links: https://www.danfoss.com/en/about-danfoss/our-businesses/cooling/refrigerants-and-energy-efficiency/refrigerants-for-lowering-the-gwp/carbon-dioxide-co2/ , http://www.emersonclimate.com/Documents/FlowControls/pdf/2015CO2-07-R2-Commerical-CO2-Handbook-(Sept2015).pdf

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