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COP 20 Stuart Scott Interview on Neo Classical Economics

At an interview with  Stuart Scott during COP 20 LIMA, he spoke on the subject of Neo Classical economics and expanded on his analysis of Earth’s Money and Economics defective operating system.

The greatest threat to humanity is the collapse of Agriculture. Agricultural zones of the planet would move further north and south, mostly further north and the mid latitudes would find it harder to feed people.  From the current 7 billion population of earth, expected to reach 9-10 billion by middle of current century, we already are past the carrying capacity of the planet!  Scott’s analysis of the problem: Global human civilization is running under a defective operating system, commonly called Money & Economics of the Human civilization on Earth, which acts as a virus.  Money known as a ‘meme’, coined more than 40 years ago by Dawkins described memes as a being a form of cultural propagation, a way for people to transmit social memories and cultural ideas to each other, has, over last 10,000 years become the operating system for our planet and pretty much only acceptable economic system in any nation today, commonly known as ‘neo classical economics’.  NCE has a flow with a basic belief (axiom) that the planet makes no difference and that there is no relevance to the Earth or limits of the Earth.

Money (virus) that has invaded the human civilization is converting nature as quickly as possible to make more money and capitalizes on human foibles, such as; greed, selfishness, shortsightedness, ability to ignore ethical/moral issues, etc.  Humanity is the ‘host’ of the virus, which has no self-awareness or consciousness to tell it : ‘If humanity dies – It too dies’!, yet it is killing humanity by forcing people who know better to sacrifice the future of humanity for near term profits, next quarter profits, etc and in doing so has appointed itself into the leading positions of power, in business and government, i.e. those people that are best at making “More Money” and ignoring the impacts of that process.

There are alternative economic systems, but they have been forced to sidelines due to neo classical economics being so pervasive with assumption that its the only way, which it’s not.  There is a field known as ‘Ecological economics’ – based on the concept founded by Dr Herman Daly, and if  humankind want to survive, then an economic system that will exist long term sustainably, within a limited ecology without destroying the ecology, then an ecological economic system would be the logical choice.

A new Ecological Economy model needs to be implemented to achieve global sustainability and harmony with the planet.

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