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Complete idiots guide to man made climate change

A complete idiot’s guide to climate change is a long interview done with Jason Sole. He covers the basics of man made climate change and some of the arguments that hoax callers put against it. Its pretty long but the first 14min gives you a comprehensive basic mechanics of man made climate change. Really worth a watch to polish up on your basic understanding of climate change and some of the counter arguments against it.

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  1. Thanks,
    Very well put. I have subscibed to your channel so I can help others to join you.
    Again, well done Jason.

  2. Here’s a guy talking about about mankind’s carbon footprint. Maybe he thought nobody would notice his swimming pool in the background. What kind of unnecessary addition to carbon footprint is that? Hypocrite.

    • Did you actually listen to what Jason said, Guan Dong? …. instead of focusing on the background and getting jealous of his swimming pool? I, for one, finally heard a good basic explanation for all the problems and the reasons for them regarding climate change.

  3. Is that your swimming pool we can see behind you? Swimming pools are really great for reducing your carbon footprint, are they? Hypocrite.

  4. Can’t help but notice all the oil related products you have not to mention your pool and looks to be a large home. Wonder what your carbon foot print is? Wondering if all live needs carbon why is carbon so bad? I think the worlds largest threat to future generations is overpopulation not carbon but you never here anyone say we need to limit or ruduce the population just a thought.

  5. I think the phrase “complete idiot” says it all.

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