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Climate Change in Cape Town? “Complex » Diverse » Vulnerable OR Stark Reality”!

In this 2017 UCT Summer School Series, Day 2 ~ Dr Christopher Jack presents on “The Cape Town Forecast” – Understanding Climate Change in Cape Town, South Africa.

Climate change caused by emissions of greenhouse gases is one of the major challenges facing society today.

In one sense the science is unequivocal – greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have already warmed the global climate to unprecedented levels during the last 100,000 years, and society is locked into emissions that will warm the planet at least another degree, perhaps more than three degrees.

On the other hand, Climate Science finds it difficult to provide precise forecasts of what is in store for people. This presents a challenge to those who are developing climate change responses: how do we build resilience to an uncertain future, especially when there are competing demands on public and private finance and human resources?

Coordinated by Professor Mark New, Director, African Climate and Development Initiative, University of Cape Town

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