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Biofuels interview with Blayne Oliver at MV on: The advantages of plant based Biofuels compared to conventional hydrocarbon based fuels. The impacts of diesel emissions on the atmosphere and peoples health. Major obstacles for biofuel introduction in SA are, the limited availability of local feedstocks, government regulatory requirements and Original ...

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Charlie Fraser – Free Energy Systems

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - Charlie Fraser Free Energy Systems

Charlier Fraser of the Foundation for Common Good, discusses the corrupt Global Economic System based on inequity and wholesale fraud implicating both government and corporates inevitably. He suggests that all people needs to take responsibility for our own lives and discover ways to circumvent the current way of doing things.

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Adriana Downie – Agrichar and Pyrolysis Technology

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - Best Energies

Adriana Downie of Best Energies (bestenergies.com.au) talks about their Pyrolysis Technology which creates renewable energy from biomass. This is a large industrial process as a by-product, Syngas is used to power gas engines for electricity or steam production. Agri-char is produced which is a stable form of carbon that creates ...

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Helen Zille – Sustainable Development

Helen Zille, Premier of Western Cape speaks about Africa having leapfrogged the industrial revolution and headed straight for sustainable technology. Innovations coming out of Africa are excellent for combating the problems that have arisen from the Industrial Revolution in the rest of the world.

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