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Interview between Dr. Fahrie Hassan and Judy Sole.

Judy Sole:

So first first of all, is this mRNA alleged vaccine by any definition anything to do with vaccines with the exception of the fact that it’s something that people expect to have to do.

Dr. Hassan:

Thank you very much. Your question is quite specific, Julie, in the sense that you want to know whether the classical definition of a vaccine corresponds to what they have now deemed these as these genetic vaccines. They’ve, they’ve added the word vaccine to it, but does it stand up to the classical definition of vaccines? Now, the thing is that, as I explained yesterday, that the vaccines, classical vaccinology was always premised on the fact that a wild type agent, a wild type infectious agent, is a bacterium, or virus in this case, would be used as the primary entity. However, what had happened was when SARS Code 1 came about in the 2000s and the attempt was made to produce a COVID Vax, sorry, a SARS vaccine. The several problems arose in that when they tested the SARS vaccine and here I’m speaking about both the the classical attempt at producing a SARS vaccine as as well as the mRNA vaccines that we’re seeing now. When they tried to develop the SARS vaccine there was very limited results. And at best, it was unsuccessful with the result that they developed, what they then call the mRNA vaccines and the DNA vaccines. Let me explain the difference and why it fails…

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