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Interview with Dr. Fahrie Hassan and Judy Sole

Judy Sole:

First of all. I have come across so many diverse places. Explanations of what a vaccine was originally planned to do, but I know that what has actually happened is that there is what originally might have been a good idea which is to inject a tiny amount of a certain illness, something from a person who is ill, into a substance and then that animal builds up antibodies, and that could be you building up antibodies against it while there is a small amount while you’re still healthy and you can control it and then that basically teaches your body how to repel it if you ever get it in the wild at a later stage, and I don’t know how long that concept, and whether it was ever a good idea, whether it was always designed to somehow find ways of getting sicknesses into us to try and exterminate us even in those early days. But I do know that recently and maybe for a very long time, no vaccine is a vaccine, that all vaccines are just any attempt to say that anything that you need to be vaccinated against is just an opportunity to inject you with substances that are going to reduce your immunity, make you ill and make you more and more likely to succumb to various illnesses and basically not survive and especially to cut out your reproductive system and that’s why it’s been such a high degree of autism, cot deaths, and chronic disease in children that have been vaccinated. I just want to ask you that what stage, could you just describe in more detail than I did what a vaccine initially was and tell me whether you think in those early days when I was a child, for example, do you think it was genuinely going do anything to cure us or was it always a ploy and at what stage did it change to being a means of being able to get control of your body with infections and low immunity and problems to your reproductive organisms.

Dr. Fahrie Hassan:

Very excellent question and, you’ve laid it out very succinctly. So what is classical vaccinology, something that is the first part of your question? So classical vaccinology was always an attempt as you rightly pointed out in order to fool the body into reacting to a supposed infection, an attack on the body, and then in the hope that the body will then produce the required response, producing required antibodies…

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