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Interview with Dr. Fahrie Hassan by Judy Sole

Judy Sole:  One of the things that has become obvious over the various actual true reports of why people are dying and in what way people are dying and the fact that it seems to be more vascular than anything potentially viral, and the fact that we know that we don’t have to really take the word viral too, too seriously, because we have now established that we’ve got a lot of lies associated with everything. And it’s probable that that is the biggest lie of all. Now, it begs the question, they didn’t manage to get some people with some symptoms. Okay. We know they borrowed drownings and stillbirths and accident victims. And we know that heart victims and diabetic victims disappeared virtually during this time and as for flu, flu became completely redefined as COVID-19 for this period. But despite that, we do have a very strange accent on the type of death being rather to do with coagula. And possibly that’s one of the reasons why the two drugs Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, were so effective is because at roots, amongst many other things are they are they are anticoagulants of note. But now, the thing that the question that I ask you is I have read extensively Zack Bush’s work, and he seems to think that part of the reason for the coagulation that the way of stimulating the startup such a coagulatory disaster problems to make give some kind of credence to starting a problem. He contends this that they could also be from radiation. Radiation from the new rash of 5g masts that suddenly got to be vital in the very first weeks of the alleged pandemic. And you know, being a sort of person who’s done science at school where we learn that in each red cell, there’s iron compound called fibrin and that the iron compound could be reacting to a magnetic field being set up by an extra amount of electricity.

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