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I’m not surprised that many people don’t know about the great reset, and many people don’t know about the global agenda also, before it was rebranded as the great reset of the New World Order, before they gave it a new name, a new turn. So that’s not surprising because everybody watches main stream, and if I had to describe what I was seeing and use terms that people would become familiar with, because I’m a doctor, my whole life was involved in diagnosis, diagnostics, diagnosing illnesses, and obviously when I studied the mind, in a more in depth way that what I learnt in medical school, and I realised that information was being kept away from people, people were being fed with disinformation, I had to come up with a new diagnosis, which was really basically a way to describe ignorance and delusion. So the first diagnosis is Information Deficiency Disorder, the people don’t have enough information in their minds, and it’s a disorder because a lot of them behave in a disorderly fashion or dysfunctional way when they don’t have enough information, but they will argue with you, they will fight with you, and scream at you and shout at you…

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