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I’ll start by asking the question that Martin said his sister was asking as to why we meet together, why should people who agree meet. For me, it’s a very simple thing. The reason why we meet together, is because Iron sharpens Iron. There are so many people who are sitting out there somewhere, who are not brave enough to stand up, but when they know that when they are gathering like this they are emboldend to also rise up and stand up for what belongs to them. There are so many people who are right now afraid of freedom and the only time they will get up and walk into s space where they take their freedom, is where they come into gatherings like this one. We have a situation right now. We had Ryno de Beer standing here and talking to us about the judgement that he got on the 2nd of June 2020. I’ll tell you why that judgement is being defied by government, day in and day out. It is because we have failed Ryno de Beer by refusing to rise up and use the judgement in the manner that it should be used. We are consenting to our own oppression.

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