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Interview with Dr. Fahrie Hassan by Judy Sole

The entire pandemic, the existence of the Covid 19 Virus, the PCR test as a measure of anything, and the wearing of masks, and the vaccine which is allegedly able to solve all of these problems are nothing more than a plot to depopulate the world by making people sick as a Bio Weapon. Now based on that, we need to have some kind of knowledge on the various PCR tests, and the reason I have actually brought you here is just because of your particular knowledge about how a PCR test works, and there is so much controversy about it over the period. It was whether there were so many cycles, whether the test was being done at all, and whether the test was actually diagnostic as the inventor of the PCR test, Carrie Myllis said that it could not possibly be used to be diagnostic and I’d like you to go into explaining why that is possibly not so. So I think what we’ll do in the meantime is concentrate on the test, because it was the means by which this ghasted scheme do populate the world, potentially began, and therefore the merit of which the PCR test is able…

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