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Graphene Oxide Frequencies

Everything has its own resonant frequency. Through this frequency, you can transmit energy and information. Graphene oxide has multiple resonant frequencies. One of them is 26 gigahertz, which will be a frequency used in a new 5g infrastructure. This is an example of how you can use frequencies to affect other objects tuned to the same frequency. This man is striking a tuning fork that vibrates at a certain frequency. He is trying to get another tuning fork of a different resonant frequency to vibrate unsuccessfully. Only when he uses a tuning fork set to the same resonant frequency will it vibrate. Watch how the second tuning fork is activated. This is called sympathetic resonance. This video clip is an example of the phenomenon of using pendulum oscillators of different phases on a common platform suddenly sync up given enough time as we wait for the pendulums to sync up. We will take this opportunity to explain what happens once they do as it might pertain to the injections currently disseminated amongst the global population. Toxic symptoms information can be transmitted to and from individuals or the group very efficiently even if they move away from the initial source. The bodies of the injected provide the electrical power, like a battery to continue resonating these fields, effectively turning them into wireless repeaters or routers. We’re witnessing lethal damage by EMF irradiation. The more graphene oxide, the greater the damage. The contagion is not a contagion because there is no pathogen. How else can you control 7 billion people?

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