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Fracking bad and not funny. Fracking for making bad boys money.

Note: This video contains swearing.  “Australia’s Northern Territory, home to it’s greatest natural treasure – Natural Gas, which is being opened to fracking. Fracking is a complex mining process, where gas is being pumped into the “bleep bleep” of politicians, to access the land so they can tap into shale and calcium gas deposits. According to top American research, it is not safe and shows that fracking poisons the air, water, children and generally every living thing in its vicinity. According to Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, fracking is totally safe as long as it is properly managed. We’re then reminded of the Uranium spill in Kakadu park, or when acid leaked into the McArthur River and other examples… On the bright side, it will create 524 Jobs, not for the everyday man, but for the booming revolving door industry. It will also create stacks of emissions, the equivalent to building 130 coal power plants and operating them for 40 years… Or like taking a “bleep” on the Paris Climate Agreement. We have no choice. We have to solve the Gas Crisis. The one that doesn’t exist. Because Australia has tons of gas, it’s just that gas companies make more money exporting it overseas. Which is exactly what will be done to it in the NT, meaning the economic benefit of it to you will be approximately “bleep bleep”. The real “Gas Crisis” is because, these businesses (listed on the video), run your government. That’s why, instead of capping gas exports and company profits, we’re bullying the NT into fracking the outback and “bleep” public health, farming and indigenous communities, the world famous tourism industry and the climate all in one go. The Australian Government… With a government like ours, who needs Terrorists.”

“Authorised by the Department of Environmental Terrorism”

“Approved by the Minister of Genuine Satire”




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