Dr. Fahrie Hassan interviewed by Judy Sole

Judy Sole:

Fahrie, over the last few weeks, we’ve been filming you on various subjects which show the entire COVID-19 is a scam. It’s fraud. We saw that the PCR test is just a motion that doesn’t get even gone through, which has not a single chance of proving that there’s been even one case, let alone that there have been enough cases to merit closing down the whole world. And we’ve seen that the vaccines that they tried to lead us towards, in actual fact we’re not even vaccines, again, another case of fraud. And so basically, the vaccines must have another purpose. And given the nature of some of the people who we’ve seen other slips of on social media is beginning to look like the purpose may have been genocide, but the majority of people who are fairly innocent, and who believe that the people who are in authority are there for the best of reasons and that they are trying their best to keep things fair and keep the public safe, are never going to believe that this whole COVID-19 is a scam and that the whole purpose of it is genocide and reduction of the world population and total totalitarian control. So my question to you is, what would you say to such people? How did we get ourselves into this? What is the sort of system that they used to somehow convince people; A – that they were the ones to tell us that they were the ones in authority and B – that they are the authorities that they thought that we were in any form of danger and to make us believe that they had taken responsible decisions?

Dr. Fahrie Hassan:

Thank you, Judy. Once again, good afternoon to the audience. A very loaded question, but a very important question. So the question that confronted me, after I had convinced myself as a scientist, convinced myself that the science was wrong, that the global authorities as well as the local authorities. The organisations that were pushing it towards of course the World Health Organisation, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the US, FDA, and of course locally, SAHPRA, The SAHPRA – South African Health Products Regulatory Authority, so the question that confronted me was that now if how could they these authority bodies get the science around? That is quite clear evidence is now 2, 3 years later that they almost got every facet of it wrong. It then prompted me to start investigating now who are these organisations and wall who’s at the helm of these organisations?

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  1. How do we get in contact with you and your “thruth mission”. How can we get information and how can we support and join.
    I am a true freedom fighter opposing all this crime on humanity. I saw your clip on The Corbett Report.
    I am so happy to have found you.

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