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COP 20 Stuart Scott Money Operating System

COP 20 Lima. Stuart Scott presentation on the Money Operating System, Neo-classic Economics and the role Money has played in the destruction of the global environment.

We have to have a realisation at this point. The “Operating System” of global civilization is seriously flawed. This flawed operating system is known by two names: Money and Economics and in particular “NeoClassical Economics”, although that name is not taught, that is the brand of economics that has been installed around the world. About 100 years ago, there was a Coup staged by Wall Street bankers by buying the chairmanships of certain prestigious university economic departments in the USA, and pretty soon all schools were teaching neoclassical economics and competitors for the minds of economists were forced out.

This is the name of the broken system. Stuart Scott then challenges the audience with the following: A ‘meme’ is a non-physical conceptual organism, an idea that takes on a life of its own. It is essentially a thought virus. It becomes symbi0tic with a physical host, like a genetic virus, and will die with your body if it has no way of submitting itself to another. However, with the viral form of money, all of humanity is the host. We learn it from our parents we teach it to our children. We learn it from the media, from the advertising, from the games we play as children. The game of monopoly has perhaps done the most damage of any game to the ecology of the earth.

This meme of money spreads across nations & generations. Make no mistake, money is a meme, and it is an extremely problematic one since it is capable of corrupting and destroying its host. What corrupts governments? Money. Even in Countries that have well-established democracies, if the campaign contributions are allowed to flow…

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