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COP 20 – Iain Keith of Avaaz – Snr Campaign Director

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - Iain Keith Avaaz

Iain Keith, a Senior Campaign Director of Avaaz, a civic organisation that promotes global activism, speaks at COP 20, Lima, Peru on Energy -People Power pushing Positive Change. In a quoted statement: ‘2014 was a turning point year’, Iain Keith elaborates on some of the facts that support this statement, ...

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Charlie Fraser – Free Energy Systems

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - Charlie Fraser Free Energy Systems

Charlier Fraser of the Foundation for Common Good, discusses the corrupt Global Economic System based on inequity and wholesale fraud implicating both government and corporates inevitably. He suggests that all people needs to take responsibility for our own lives and discover ways to circumvent the current way of doing things.

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We need an Energy Revolution

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - Energy Revolution

The University of Earth: Urgent Action Series: Energy Revolution to Solve Climate Change This video for the University of Earth sees a panel discussion about the urgent action that needs to be taken for energy plans. The speaker reminds us that the emissions being spewed out globally are great and ...

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Adriana Downie – Agrichar and Pyrolysis Technology

Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - Best Energies

Adriana Downie of Best Energies (bestenergies.com.au) talks about their Pyrolysis Technology which creates renewable energy from biomass. This is a large industrial process as a by-product, Syngas is used to power gas engines for electricity or steam production. Agri-char is produced which is a stable form of carbon that creates ...

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Cancun Climate Summit 2010 – China’s Achievements in Renewable Energy

Cancun Climate Summit, Mexico, December 2010 – A Chinese Government representative discusses China’s achievements in Renewable Energy provision. They rank number one in the world in Windpower, Hydropower and Nuclear Power installations. Their capacity in Solar generation accounts for half of the installations worldwide at 800MW and their Nuclear Power ...

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