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This video is the second part discussion with Douglas shaw who we had a previous discussion with in part one. In the first video with Mr Shaw who has a vast expanse of previous banking experience and he reminded us that the banking repossession rate in South Africa is 4 ...

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Panel speaker Niclas Hallström, on African countries taking the initiative on leapfrogging into the Renewable Energy sector, with Investment guarantees as implemented by Germany, renewables can be rolled out on a massive scale. Global Scientific community, headed up by Professor Christopher Field, engaged in gathering data for COP 21 in ...

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COP 20 LIMA:  Alix Mazounie from RAC-France, on Climate action, adaptation, mitigation and Green Fund finance.  Government subsidies for the Fossil Fuel industry and Japan using Green Climate Action Funds to develop Coal Fired Power Stations in developing countries.

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COP 20 Hi Carbon-Low Efficiency

Mother Channel – COP20 Hi Carbon Low Efficiency

COP 20 LIMA Speaker on the transition from the present non-sustainable high carbon, low efficiency cities and economies, to sustainable low carbon high efficiency cities, economies and environments.

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COP 20 Al Gore Flawed GDP System

Mother Channel – - COP 20 Algore Flawed GDP

Al Gore speaks about the flawed GDP system which only measures growth and the impact on finite resources, lack of investment in education, health & family services. A Sustainability measurement system needs to be implemented in business plans & included in government policies globally.

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Kaisa Kosonen – Green Peace Interview On Energy

Mother Channel – - Greenpeace Interview

In this interview with Mother Channel, Kaisa Kosonen of Greenpeace, Finland, speaks at COP 20, Lima, Peru, on changing energy sources and opens the interview by stating that there have been enormous breakthroughs in renewable energy in last 5 years, citing the reduction in prices of solar panels by 80% ...

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COP 20 – Iain Keith of Avaaz – Snr Campaign Director

Mother Channel – - Iain Keith Avaaz

Iain Keith, a Senior Campaign Director of Avaaz, a civic organisation that promotes global activism, speaks at COP 20, Lima, Peru on Energy -People Power pushing Positive Change. In a quoted statement: ‘2014 was a turning point year’, Iain Keith elaborates on some of the facts that support this statement, ...

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COP 21 – Tamar Lawrence-Samuel – Big Polluters bankrolling COP 21

Mother Channel – - COP21 Tamar Lawrence Samuel

The University of Earth: Urgent Action Series: COP 21 Paris 2015: Fuelling the Fire – the Big Polluters Bankrolling COP21, Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, Corporate Accountability International, Olivier Hoedeman, Corporate Europe Observatory, Asad Rehman, Friends of Earth, The Negative Influence of Transnational Corporations on Climate Policy

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