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COP 22 The Role Of Farmers In The Implementation Of The Paris Agreement Part 2

Farmers’ role in building Climate Smart Agriculture through Scientific Agriculture, Soil Health, Water Harvesting, Micro Irrigation. It showcases approaches & capacity support to strengthen citizens’ role in implementing INDC’s at national level & promotes best practices-Haiti to tackle climate change. They are very embedded in the sustainability challenge that the ...

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COP 22 ~ Climate Change Effect on Deep Ocean Biodiversity realms

Dr Lisa Levin (Dir. Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography) introduces a panel of specialists during a Group discussion on Climate Change in the Deep Half of the Planet, at COP 22, Marrakech 2016. The discussion centers around the largest habitat on Earth – Deep ...

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COP 20 Presenter on Organic virus free crop seeds

COP 20 LIMA Presenter on: Importance of organic virus free crop seeds, companion planting trees, fruit trees and food crops which create a more bio-diverse ecosystem and resilient farming base. Recommendations on best practices of seed sources and collection. Combining conservation with restoration efforts

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