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Climate Change

Global Warming – Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

Mother Channel – - Global Warming

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Union Minister adn Environmentalist, India – We need to understand that Global Warming is already upon us, we have already lost quality of life, now we are discussing life itself. Each country needs to take action with or without legislation.

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COP 20 – Stewart Scott

Mother Channel – - COP20 Global Warming

Stewart Scott of the United Planet Faith and Science Initiative talks about a new level of realisation at COP 20 reflected in the recent NY Times article declaring that without an agreement the planet will soon become uninhabitable for humans. These negotiations are not between the Global North and the ...

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Carbon Reduction – Al Gore

COP 20: Al Gore was optimistic about the agreements being reached. He spoke about the inadequacies of GDP at measuring the most important economic realities that we face, for example depletion of natural resources, the production of pollution and other negative externalities. In addition, positive externalities such as social inequality, ...

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Rachel Kyte – Multinational Banks

Rachel Kyte, the Vice President of the World Bank speaks about the journey that multinational banks are undertaking as regards the rights and expectations of third world people for sustainable development being undermined by Climate Change. A 2% rise in global temperatures will result in a 4-5% drop in growth ...

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