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The Surfboard Fin That’s Saving the Ocean

Mother Channel | COP23 | The Surfboard Fin That’s Saving the Ocean

This video tells us all about the very special “smart fin” which has been designed again by some forward thinking scientists. There is already a plethora of detailed information from the deep sea out there however very little data exists about the sea shores. It’s a great invention because it ...

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Scripps Oceanography Intro

Mother channel | COP23 | Scripps Oceanography Intro

This is a quick introduction to the Scripps institution of Oceanography in UC San Diego. The institution cares massively about marine life and how to preserve and measure it. There are many qualified scientists on board including physical oceanographers, Marine biologists, meteorologists, seismologists, marine ecologists, paleo biologists, chemical oceanographers, geophysicists ...

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Scripps Oceanography @ COP 23

Mother Channel | COP23 | Scripps Oceanography @ COP 23

Nature is changing at rates never seen before From Deep ocean ecosystem where time stands still to coastal environments where penguins hang to the atmosphere where pollutants add to the mix of aerosols making a global journey. The chemical and physical balance of planter earth is being altered; this is ...

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Air Quality and Climate Change in the Arabian Basin

Mother Channel | COP23 | Air Quality and Climate Change in the Arabian Basin

This video shows you what the end result can be when institutions that really care about air quality team up for a mission together. The mission was to examine air quality and its effect on public health, climate and natural environment. The cruise was 10 weeks long and followed a ...

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Minute Cement LC3 Promo

MOTHER CHANNEL | COP 23 | Minute Cement LC3 Promo

It must be noted before you read this review that globally this year we produced more cement than ALL food produced on the entire planet. That’s quite something. LC3 is a new type of cement that is based on a blend of limestone and calcined clay. LC3 can reduce CO2 ...

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Limestone Calcined Clay Cement

Mother Channel | Cop 23 | Limestone Calcined Clay Cement

The world’s population is set to reach 9 Billion by 2050. This will require large amounts of building materials. Normal concrete is a problem though. We need low carbon solutions. Continue watching for a solution!

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Building a Greener Tomorrow

COP 23 - Building a Greener Tomorrow

The Embassy of Switzerland in India discusses the challenge of handling the additional building space required for processing Visa’s.  The new building needed to be a state of the art “Green Building”, as well as having Swiss technology which reduces energy consumption and reduces pollution. The Swiss ambassador discusses how ...

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Cop 23: Nov 6 – 17

This video is from the Fiji cop 23 event and is a simple breakdown of what the event was due to contain along with the countries that were attending. This video reminds us of the key questions and topics that are going to be asked at the event and those ...

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